B2B site development

Here we tell how to attract the target audience to sell more by wholesale and reduce costs.

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Why do you need a B2B site?

What are the goals for your B2B site? Check whether your site is fully compliant with the goal list below and whether it has specific tools and functions to get these goals.

Reduce costs to service your current customers

Analyze what actions and processes take the time of your managers, customer department and call center that serve your current customers. Implement solutions that allow you to perform these actions automatically through the site.

Build communications with representatives of the target audience

Segment the target audience, describe the expectations, objections and target actions for each segment on the site. Create useful functionality and marketing materials for each segment.

Sell more by wholesale and attract new customers

Describe your existing business processes, compile a list of functions and materials necessary for your wholesale buyers (dealers, retailers and large customers) and transfer them to the site. Use solutions to enter new regions.

Increase performance of channels of traffic attraction

Record the current performance indicators for the channels: SEO, PPC, SMM, Media, PR, Mobile, search engines, social media, e-mail marketing, content marketing, etc. Examine achievements of competitors, make a list of the necessary site changes and prepare the plan of activities in advertising channels. Optimize the site for promotion channels.

Improve company image

Prepare qualitative description of your services and goods. Tell about your competencies; support them with your indicators and statistics. Lay out with calm, seasoned tools, use high-quality graphics. Provide an opportunity to contact quickly with a personal manager.

Support development and marketing decisions

Place on the site the analytical tools: Google Analitycs and Yandex.Metrics. Monitor implementation of the targeted actions, the user behavior on the site and the effectiveness of the advertising channels. Make decisions based on the collected data.

If your site does not contain information, functions and materials to achieve these goals, then be ready: you will have to do a lot of work.

Differences of B2B sites from B2C sites

Do not try to attract both corporate wholesale customers and individual retail consumers using one site and the same tools. These clients are different, with different expectations, objections and stereotypes — they need different product offers and functions.

If you still want to attract the B2B and B2C clients on the same site using the same tools, still dream to find some kind of universal solution that is suitable for everyone, then you’d better to close this page and do not read further.

Technologies to create B2B sites

Delegate technical questions to professionals and make management decisions timely. Use the most advanced and most popular technologies to develop your B2B site.

Money and Time

The cost and timing depends on how much work you delegate to professionals.

The B2B site cost is estimated as a amount between $2000 and $10000

And then everything depends on your specifics.

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