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Here we tell you how to catch three birds with one stone: to increase the product attractiveness, to launch direct sales and to enter retail networks.

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Start with planning

Do you have a brand used to produce several items of products under it? Make a landing site for your brand. Look carefully at your products and at your nearest competitors, structure your knowledge and prepare a report to get started:

Strengths and weaknesses of your product

Objectively look at your product, find out the opinion of consumers, list pros and cons.

Who needs it?

Describe the target audience and typical customers.

Are there objections?

Identify the objections and barriers of potential buyers, systematize their negative opinions.

Attract and keep attention

Describe the selling triggers and capture points that you can use on product pages.

Visualize your desire

Prepare an interactive prototype of the future site with key pages to understand precisely the final result.

Key requests

Collect, list and analyze key queries that are close to your brand.

Audit the product pages and marketing materials

Is there the product description, all information about its composition and manufacturing method? What are the ways to interact and communicate with the audience are on the page? What are the images and videos about the product?

Fix ideas

List all the functional modules, even the most complex ones that may help to keep user attention and to reach fulfillment of marketing tasks and activities.

Working plan

Make a description of desired product pages and a structure of the future site, prepare a statement of work and an action plan.

What do the competitors have?

Overview your market segment, analyze your niche and competitor offers analyze what interesting they have and what they use to draw attention.

The report is the start point to plan costs and to begin works on creating the product B2C site. Get qualified outside point of view, entrust the work to professionals.

A single way to three goals

Update your brand B2C site and move to multiple goals simultaneously. It makes no sense to do one thing only; you can do everything at once.


Increase attractiveness of your product

We will prepare high-quality images of the product to be used in marketing materials and on the product site. We’ll prepare the necessary texts and make a modern design for the site. Attractiveness is our task.


Start direct sales

You can start direct sales easier than it seems. It is necessary to implement several functional modules on the site, negotiate with online stores and implement elements of E-commerce.


Enter retail networks

Retail networks are interested in high sales and margin. If you support your product with quality materials: attractive photos, functional product site, regular marketing activities, and social media activities, then you become much more attractive to the retail networks.

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Technologies for B2C sites

Make management decisions and delegate technical questions to the professionals. Use the most advanced and most popular technologies to develop your brand B2С site.

Requirements for B2C site

Creating a site it is necessary to think about requirements coming from all the process participants and from the target audience. You should take into account the life cycles of marketing activities, save the existing traffic and build up a new one.


Attendance counters must be connected to all public pages of the site: Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. The site statistics should be used to analyze user activities and to improve the site.


The site must meet the requirements of marketing experts and marketing plans as well it must allow you to quickly add the necessary functionality.

User personal account

In his/her personal account, a user should get ability to manage subscriptions, watch the history of participation in marketing events and ask questions to the brand representatives.

Site management

Updating the site, placing its materials and creating new page patterns should be available to your brand manager. You can’t trust the site management to an unqualified employee.

Design and content

The site should appear attractive: pictures and videos should be well-processed, and texts should be interesting and useful. The site design should be adaptable and well displayed on any device.

Marketing events

The site should provide the functionality pointed to attract users and to engage them in brand activities: surveys, online quizzes, promo codes, lotteries, forms of subscriptions, promotions.

Offline BTL actions

The site should allow for support of offline BTL actions: from publication of the rules to all possible functions of interaction with participants of the actions.

Money and Time

The cost of creating a product B2C site depends on the number of brand product items, on the marketing materials to be prepared for the site, and on the functions to be implemented on the site.

Our minimal price is $2000.

And then everything depends on your specifics.

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