Here we tell why e-commerce is not limited with online stores and how to sell any services and goods online.

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E-commerce Core

If your main activity is trade then everything is clear. Create an online store and now you do e-commerce. Of course, there are many nuances, problems and steps that need to be passed through for the normal operation of the online store:

Request processing

Management of status of user requests, implementation of a CRM system.

Marketing and advertising

SEO promotion (searching traffic), context and target advertising, e-mail marketing.

Goods delivery

Organization of various methods to deliver the goods to consumers, management of delivery from a warehouse or from a stationary trading network object.

Business planning

Creating a business model, developing an organizational structure, designing business processes.

Taxation and accounting

Choice of a taxation regime, organization of accounting operation.

Warehousing and storage

Searching a warehouse, organization of goods receipt and release.


Creation of content (goods description and pictures) and filling the online store with your content.

Employee training

Organization of training of managers and consultants for knowledge of goods and ethics of sales.

Analytics and assessment for effectiveness of traffic sources

Usage of Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics, Google E-commerce Tracking. Making decision based on the collected data.

Research and analytics

Analysis of competitors and sales channels, web analytics.

Deliveries of goods

Choice of suppliers, contracting and organization of work.

Site development

Creating an online store and a mobile application, integration of external services. Choice of a contractor

Online payment

Receiving online payment from customers, operation with payment systems and a bank.

Implementation of an online point of sales

Legislation requires you to issue a sales receipt for a payment by cash or by card to a courier. An electronic sales receipt may be sent by e-mail; it is equivalent to a paper sales receipt.

All aspects of online store activity can and should be solved by technical tools using electronic systems — this is the essence of e-commerce.

Do you think the road to E-commerce is closed?

Let’s suppose you have a foam plastic plant or a medical center. An online store is not appropriate to you, because you either sell products to distributors at their requests, not dealing with retail, or all your customers just pass by your center on the way from the subway to their home.

Everybody is used to the fact that e-commerce is an online store. However the online store is just a layer between the goods and buyers. Many people can’t even imagine how to sell services in the online store. Implement one of solutions for commodity producers or for service companies:


Wholesale sale of goods directly to third-party online stores

Create a showcase with prices, take orders for retail, but hand over the orders to third-party online stores for execution and continue to supply them with large lots.


Commodity sale of services from the site

Present services in the form of commodity landing pages, implement e-commerce tools and sell services directly from the site.


Online calculators with direct sale

Do you think that you have a difficult service and it is impossible to make a calculator for it? Do you think it will not be ordered and paid directly online? They will do it: you just need to prepare it.

Real Example from Life

Let’s look at the real site of the real foam plastic plant «Center Gamma». And let’s look at the «Prices» page. The way to E-commerce for this plant is not as long as it might seem at first glance: it is necessary to answer several questions and implement the appropriate solutions.


Why are there no prices on the price page?


Why does a customer need to request all the prices and wait until a manager calculates them manually?


Why is it impossible to create an online calculator taking into account all types of foam plastic and all possible nuances of the product?


Why is it impossible to add to the online calculator a basket, an order form and online payment or billing for legal entities at once?


Why it is impossible to agree with the nearest transport company on foam plastic delivery?

Delegate the answers to such questions to professionals and simply do E-commerce.

I share your indignation

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on your field of activity, on your website state and on how many tasks you are ready to transfer to the professionals to implement and how many tasks you’ll do yourself. First, analysis and consulting, then choice of specific solutions and their implementation. We have two services:


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