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This page we tell you how to make a selling landing page and what you need to do it.

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Good and Bad Landing Pages

Landing pages are well suited for standalone products and services, promotions, advertising campaigns. The landing page quality defines conversion — how many visitors will make a purchase or leave their contact information. The same traffic may be or may be not converted into customers, depending on the product and the landing page.

Bad: Conversion from 0 to 2%

The page content is compiled of two sources. The company name and the events are fictitious to offend nobody.

Better: Conversion from 5 to 20%

Пример хорошей лендинг пейдж
The prototype page that has been remade in a hurry.

You can present any product page or service page in the landing form and increase conversion into customers. Where the conversion is better and higher, the visitor likes the unique product offer, it is easier to perceive information for him/her, the benefits and conditions are clear, there are no intrusive and distracting blocks.

Чек-лист по созданию лендинга

To make a selling landing page, it is enough to follow several rules and go through a process consisting of four steps:

Not our customers

We love and can work with those customers who know how to delegate tasks to professionals. But there are several types of customers we will not work with. If you are of following kind, then do not waste your time or you should prepare a double budget.


We say «no» if there are more than two people in your company who make decisions contradicting each other


We will not work with you if your «boss» refuses to discuss the project with us directly and knows best how to do everything


If you do not accept our proposals, do not trust our proven practices and at the same time you can’t formulate your tasks in clear and understandable way

Money and time

The landing page cost depends on how much work you want to do yourself, and how many tasks you want to entrust to professionals. We have developed several tariff rates: from free to uncompromising one.



Free advice

This tariff suits to those customers who want to make their landing pages by themselves and «free of charge»

Ask for advice


It’s minimum

For those customers who need a high-quality technical implementation and who have a technical task and content to fill the landing page (texts, photos, illustrations, videos)


I know what I’m paying for

For those who entrust all processes to professionals, but do not want to pay extra for «creativity» and «individual design»


Uncompromising unlimited tariff, full feature-packed design «on turnkey basis»

For those who want a completely individual approach and creation of inimitable graphics and unique software implementation

Analysis and Planning

Signing of a contract
Exploring your product or service
Identifying product’s/service’s strengths and weaknesses
Audit of your existing product page
Audit of existing product advertising materials
Overview of your market segment, analysis of your niche and competitor offers
Description of the target audience and typical customers
Identification of objections and barriers of your potential customers
Collection and analysis of target queries
Updating or creating a unique sales proposition from scratch
Description of 5-15 information and selling blocks, triggers and capture points
Preparation of technical requirements list to develop the landing page
Work plan with a task list in the project management system

Copywriting and Prototyping

Preparation of headings and professional texts for all selling blocks
Formulation of benefits and incentives motivating customers to purchase
Removing objections and barriers on the way to a purchase
Verification of the texts by a professional editor
Creation of an interactive prototype with insertion of the approved texts

Design and Graphics

Choice of the future landing page style using examples that fit your niche
Choice of the stylistics of images to fill the landing page
Selection of fonts
Landing page design

Selection and purchase of a professional ready-made template for the landing page

Selection and purchase of a professional ready-made template for the landing page

Creation of an individual selling design

Graphic images to fill the landing page

Provided by the customer or been selected in free stocks

Selection and purchase of ready-made high-quality photos, icons, illustrations

Creation of art or 3D illustrations, icons and photographs from scratch or selection and purchase of high-quality images

Placing video in the background of the blocks (videophone)
Placing video for your service or video infographics
Optimization of the graphics to accelerate download of the site pages
Interactive elements and animation of design elements
Parallax effect

Layout, programming, technical works

Cross-browser layout
Adaptability for any device (smartphones and tablets)
Integration with the management system
Filling the landing page with text and graphic materials
Creation and configuration of a mailbox in a domain
Connection to the analytics system «Yandex.Metrika» and Webvisor
Connection to the Google Analytics system
Connection of the function «Protection against plagiarism» in «Yandex.Webmaster»
Installation, programming and connection to e-mail of customer capture forms and feedback
Adding an online consultant service
Adding a callback service
Markup of links with UTM labels
Setting goals (sales funnel)
Multi-landing (multi-heading)
Domain in the RU zone for 12 months as a gift
Hosting for 12 months as a gift
Configuration of the server and hosting the project
Testing all the landing page elements and download speed
Free technical support

1 month

6 months

12 months

$400 $900 $2000
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