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Find out whether you need a landing site and how you can get maximum free bonuses during site creation.

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What is a landing site?

A landing page is any web page that attracts targeted visitors and where you want to sell your product or service. For several products and services it is better to create a joined site consisting of your landing pages or integrate your landing pages into the existing site. Check whether you have the three following types of pages in your site; if you have then you do not need the landing site.


Typical Standard Information Pages

These pages may include the pages about delivery, about the company, etc. These pages do not attract traffic.


Semantic Landings Pages Sharpened for Key SEO Queries

These pages tell about a group of products or services and are primarily designed to attract organic traffic for popular key queries. Such pages are needed to increase the number of requests and transitions to the product landing pages.


Product Landing Pages for Individual Goods and Services

These are the selling pages for specific goods and services that are filled with selling elements and intended primarily for context traffic.


Free Landing Site Bonuses

These bonuses are free, simply because the right way to create the landing sites generates the right result.



Improvement of the site behavioral factors and promotion in the search results. Great opportunities for SEO promotion.


Launch of the cross-selling mechanism that induces sales of different goods to the same client. Increase of conversion.


Reduction of expenses for the site support and development, as ready-made templates of the product pages may be duplicated.

Checklist on the way toward real sales

Transfer your business to the landing site only if your products and services are in demand in the market and if you have well-established processing of requests.


Analyze demand for your product or service

Analyze key queries in search engines, look what the competitors use to earn. If there is the demand, then there will be the sales.


Process your requests in time

If you already have a flow of orders and you cannot process them in time, do not use a landing site because the request flow will increase, but their processing latency will ruin your reputation.


Create a good landing site

Create semantic and product landing pages, write useful structured texts about your product benefits, add high-quality optimized images, connect selling elements. But do not overload the pages and do not be obtrusive.


Attract targeted traffic

Start up contextual advertising and invest in SEO, but attract only the traffic you need. Steady and methodically analyze the audience behavior and make adjustments to the site and advertising.

Do not like it when anybody tries to sell you a «white elephant»?

Any potential client likes transparency and clarity and does not like obtrusive sellers. Creating your own landing site, do not make the following mistakes:

More different selling items!

Do not overload the site pages with annoying selling items, pop-up windows, timers, handsets. These items themselves do not sell anything but only irritate and discourage potential customers.

Beautiful promises and feedback of «real» customers!

Do not try to manipulate the customer and do not bulk your texts with exaggerated promises: the buyers feel it immediately, and it pushes them off. Focus on the product value and its real benefits.

More animations, pictures and videos, and always parallax!

The site pages that are over-populated with such items are tiresome for visitors and create impression that you want just to break the visitor brains, for your product has no real value. Choose a restrained style, let everything be aesthetic, and real customers will believe you.

Money and Time

The cost and time depends on how much work you want to do yourself and how many tasks to entrust to professionals.

We take three of your products or services and work on each of them as on a separate landing page. During this work, we create a standard set of blocks that then may be used to create any number of product pages on your landing site. In addition, we make templates of information pages. As a result, you get a design kit that allows you to make any pages on your site in the framework of simple site support.

The cost of a landing site is 40% less than the cost of three landings pages.

And then everything depends on how you want to do your landing pages.

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