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Here we tell about two options to create an online store: very fast and very scrupulous.

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What should a standard online store have?

A classic online store is already a traditional set of modules a trading platform can’t exist without. This set is the minimum that your online store must match.

Goods catalog

Unlimited number of products in the catalog. Add as many products as you want.


Traditional function is a cart displaying the selected products, their quantities, costs and discounts.

Purchaser registration

A user self-registration form and automatic registration when the user performs certain actions on the site. Filling customer base.

Import of goods

Quick import from your database in XML, CSV or 1C formats in different modes: updating prices, adding new products, removing products, stock status, updating parameters, synchronizing with the supplier site.

Goods delivery

Choice of several methods to deliver goods: by a courier, Russian Post, customer pickup, EMS, post machines. Setting delivery cost depending on weight and volume.

Export of goods

Automatic export of goods and quick synchronization with trading platforms and online stores: Yandex.Market, Goods in Vkontakte, Facebook Shop, Goods in Mail.Ru or any other platform.

Product search

By name and various parameters of products with support for different word forms.

Configurable product cards

Description of products, their characteristics, photos, parameters. Different price options: retail, wholesale, old price, new price. Several currencies for products goods with automatic recalculation. Labels: «new», «top seller», etc.

Compliance with legislation

Preparation of the online store for personal data management (in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data»).

SEO optimization

Meta tag fields for all products and sections, page headers, page addresses with keywords (Clean URL), semantic micro layout.

SSL certificate

Protection of transmitted user data.

Online payment of goods

More than 30 payment systems to choose from with the ability to accept online payments (bank cards, electronic money, terminals, SMS).

Filters and Sorting

Configurable filters for different properties of goods and sorting products by price, rating and other parameters.

Notification system

Notifications about purchase and order execution by e-mail and Text-message.

Integration with social media

Installation on the site of «social media» buttons, so that visitors can share the found products or special offers in social media.

User personal account

Order history, settings, notifications, order execution process, delivery addresses.

Adaptive design

Correct display of the site on all types of devices.

Selling Items

In addition to the standard, mandatory functionality, you need to customize the selling items and functions to increase sales of your online store. You need to permanently test different approaches to sales and to find the most effective ways for your audience. Fewer than all of them will work effectively in your specific case, but with the right combination of functions allows you to increase your sales by several times:

Feedbacks and product ratings

Ability to add users feedback and ratings to the products, both with and without moderating. Increasing trust of the site visitors.

System of discounts, promotions and special offers

Different settings for discount validity period for one product or for a group of products. Discounts for individual users, for quantity of products, special offers.

Gifts for goods

Increasing sales through gifts with purchase of the certain products.

One click purchase

Ability of quick purchase without the user registration and without using the cart.

Notifications about receipt of goods

When the product has been received for sale, a notification is automatically sent to the user.

Abandoned cart

If the user had registered on the site but did not place an order for some reason, she or he may be notified of the need to complete the purchase.

Gift certificates

A user can buy a gift certificate for any amount and give it to any user through his/her personal account.

Bonus program

Bonus points are credited for purchases of certain goods or depending on the purchase price. Increasing loyalty and return of your customers.

Recommendations and related products

Automatic display of additional goods in the product card or manual configuration of the related products when the easiest way to sell is to sell them together as a set. Increasing sales by setting the recommended, similar, related products. Creating sets of products under the total price.

Pre-order of items

Ability to pre-order goods not available for sale now. The pre-order can be made with or without mandatory payment.

Mailing using customer databases

Informing about promotions and special offers, selection of the best purchases for the holidays and other ways to re-engage customers. Integration with mailing services.

Discounts from total price

Flexible setting of discounts for different total order prices. Motivation to spend more in your online store.

Wish list

Ability to add the product to the wish list and to plan the purchase in the future.

Discount coupons and promotional codes

The functionality to accept discount coupons when placing an order, for a percentage of the total order price or for a fixed amount. Increases loyalty of the existing customers.

Online consultant

Communication with a potential client directly on the online store site. In offline mode, it serves as a feedback form.

For technology fans

We recommend to use the most popular and proven solutions for development of an online store. At the same time, each our customer can decide himself which engine to use.

Delegate technical questions to professionals. If you want to control all the processes completely, then look at the technologies we use in our work and choose those you like best:

Do you want not to involve programmers and designers?

Platforms to create websites for online stores promise that you can create an online store yourself without programmers and designers for just «500 rubles a month» or even get a ready-made online store for free. You will only have to fill it with goods and buy additional features. If you want to do everything yourself then you are definitely not our client. Come back when you will bump your head and will be ready to delegate tasks to professionals.


Self-written management system

When you use a self-written system, you become completely dependent on one developer. Nobody will want to maintain this system, and if he/she agreed, then you have to overpay or start everything from scratch. If you have a standard task then choose proven popular solutions.


Free online store

Are you seduced by low cost? You will get limited functionality and overpayments for each function necessary for full-featured work. You still have to develop your online store and implement new features, but you should better start with a normal operating online store and not with «free» one. Be prepared to play a long game with professional developers.

How much does it cost to create an online store?

We have two simple and understandable tariffs for developing an online store that allow you to get similar results by different ways. All the difference is what way is more convenient for you — we will work taking this into account.


Fast launch

Quick creation and launch of a classic online store with all the functions, taking into account wishes for design.


Individual approach

There will be a lot of discussions, meetings, intermediate stages, statements of work, briefs, prototypes, etc.


Choice of individual adaptive design of several hundred ready-made solutions.

First the prototype, then rendering and layout of the unique design from scratch.

Management system

You can choose any of the most popular ones (Opencart, Prestoshop, WordPress).

It is possible to consider an unique engine developed for your specific needs.

Filling base of goods

Fast transfer of the existing database of goods is included in the price. Additional manual input of data and photos during creation of the content is calculated individually.

Content preparation

Writing texts, image processing, photographing of goods, and internal optimization for search engines. The price depends on the scope of work and is calculated individually.

Adding third-party services

Included in the price, provided all the technical documentation is available.


10 days

От 120 days

Domain and Hosting as a gift
Free technical support

30 days

120 days

Price (50% advance payment)
from $2000 from $10000
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